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P-Off Infill for Pets

P-OFF Infill For Pets simply the best odor control for synthetic turf

We all love our pets and want them to be able to enjoy our shared space but ammonia produced by pet urine, can cause your synthetic turf to smell. This has put some people off from installing artificial grass, All Seasons Synthetic Turfs P-OFF Infill For Pets, when installed on top of your new lawn as an infill, will prevent the ammonia turning into gas which can  produce a nasty odor.

Smell Fresher – Stay Cleaner – Feel Cooler

Pet urine can build up in the sand infill and underneath in the cracker dust base, over time causing the gas from the ammonia to release in to the air and produce the strong smell of urine, if untreated.

The P-OFF Pet Infill will absorb the urine on contact, which means the ammonia will be absorbed and  not build up in the synthetic turf backing, sand infill or base material.

What is P-OFF Pet Infill

ASST’s P-OFF Pet Infill is a natural mineral, commonly used as an absorbent. Formed from volcanic rocks, when ash layers react with alkaline water from the ground.
This mineral has many uses but has a particular affinity with ammonium, which makes it highly compatible with absorbing, pet urine on synthetic turf.

Reduce surface temperature of your synthetic turf

P-OFF Pet Infill absorbs and slowly releases moisture, so when hydrated will reduce the surface temperature of your lawn over a few days until re-hydrated.

Where can it be used

  • Synthetic turf Pet areas
  • Dog runs
  • Playgrounds
  • Sports fields
  • Community communal areas
  • Balcony’s
  • Anywhere where you have synthetic lawn


Put little paws as dot points
  • 100 % mined and manufactured in Australia
  • A natural mineral that controls odours caused by ammonia in animal urine
  • Will not break down over time
  • Approved for use on all types of synthetic turf
  • Cools the surface temperature of synthetic turf
  • Safe and environmentally friendly
  • The only Pet Infill approved by Silverback Lawns

Easy Application

P-OFF Pet Infill replaces the usual sand infill installed on top of your synthetic turf. It is best installed at the initial synthetic turf installation but can be installed on an existing lawn. Your P-OFF Pet Infill will not need to be replaced and is safe for your children and your pets.
  • Install your synthetic turf as per our installation guide
  • Either with a sand spreader or by hand, install the P-OFF Pet Infill by spreading evenly on your synthetic lawn
  • Using a stiff broom, brush in to the grain, a power broom can be used but make sure the product stays in the turf area.
  • It may take a little time to settle

How much should I use

The pile height of your lawn will determine the amount of P-OFF Pet Infill to be installed, please see below guide:
  • Pile height per sqm
  • 30mm : 7-8kg
  • 35 mm : 10-12kg
  • 40mm : 12-15kg
  • 45mm : 15kg

Silverback Lawn™ Pet Lawn

ASST has a new Pet Lawn called Silverback Lawn, this used in conjunction with P-OF Infill For Pets will make your space extremely Pet and Child friendly. Silverback lawn is made with a revolutionary Coolplus texturized yarn, that resist flattening, has little to no shine and makes picking up the poo easy.