Will I need to hire someone to come and install the P-Off Infill to my synthetic turf?

Thankfully, our P-Off Infill is an easy to apply product, which can be applied to your synthetic turf with a few simple steps.

What synthetic turf do you recommend having for P-Off?

P-Off products can be applied to all synthetic turf, however, if you are a pet owner, we do highly recommend Silverback Lawn, from All Seasons Synthetic Turf, which is specifically designed for pet owners.

Can I apply P-Off to surfaces other than synthetic turf?

Yes, you can apply P-Off to any porous surfaces, which includes patio areas, concrete and even in-home flooring mixed with your mop water.

How do I setup my Hydro Foamer?

For a step-by-step 'how to' on setting up the Hydro Foamer, visit our How to use it page, which will provide you with two videos on setting up and using the Hydro Foamer.

Where is P-Off based?

P-Off is based in Australia, with operational facilities in both Perth, WA and Melbourne, VIC. We sell our products Australia-wide.

How does P-Off Infill stop my artificial grass from smelling?

Pet urine can build up in the sand infill and underneath in the cracker dust base over time causing the gas from the ammonia to release into the air and produce the strong smell of urine, if untreated. The P-OFF™ Pet Infill will absorb the urine on contact, which means the ammonia will be absorbed and not build-up in the synthetic turf backing, sand infill or base material. This will allow your artificial grass to smell pleasant year-round.